About Us

AmericanLeatherJackets.com is one of the dedicated online trendsetters shoppy for the male and female leather fashion, leather outfits, and leather accessories. We serve the new and stylish leather jackets and leather coats for you. We have a tendency to show off or vast closet which is an understandable indulgence in fashion world. We show you and give you a vast online catalogue for men leather jackets, women leather jackets, men leather coats, women leather coats, special replicas of movie leather apparels and replica of celebrity wears. We deliver a high design and quality leather outfits and accessories.

We cradle a very high source leather hides from different destinations and give the best quality of the leather goods and services. We have our satisfied customers all over the world and we strive hard to satisfy their needs and customer service. We sustain a healthy relationship with our buyers. We allow our buyers to get the products at the reasonable cost. Timely discounts and free gifts are available. Offers keep on changing.

We aim for extreme purpose with reference to quality and perfect fit of the garment. We recognize the buyer’s view of the purchase and we achieve the best service to the buyer. We have our well organized team of the fashion designers and skilled workmanship and they work with a perfection and quality towards the products manufactured. We also have our special quality control which helps to the get the best results in delivering the goods. All our garments are handmade and we strive the best custom garments.

The materials such as zips, buttons and other accessories are used of very high quality and the leather used is the finest lamb skin leather or suede leather. We believe that the style can only be defined with accuracy and precision. Our team takes care of each single point such as size, color, cutting and stitching patterns.

We have our customer support team which will guide you in every single way. We are available 24/7 and all days of the week. You can reach us via phone, email, live help etc. You can get all queries resolve by our customer support team.

Your suggestions and feedbacks are always welcome. We understand that customers feedback will make us grow therefore we appreciate your views anytime.

AmericanLeatherJackets.com specializes in making custom and knockoffs. We also deal in all types of leather outfits such as  men leather jackets, leather coats, women leather jackets, leather coats for women. We are into movie leather jacket replica and replica of celebrity leather jackets.